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Inspired by Mancuso's Loft, the CIRANDA dance floor is a place of communion for all those who are 'other'. Other in how they look, love, think, move, identify, earn, relate.


We welcome those who are usually pushed to the sidelines by dominance. We invite the usually dominant to experience the joy of softening.

We believe that the dance floor can be more than just a luxury product, but a healing.
The same goes for breaking bread together.

We believe that euphoria is at its sweetest when experienced in a safe environment.


We aim to nurture collective care.

We curate a warm sonic experience, with enough space for proper dancing.

We acknowledge our fallibility, and welcome feedback.





FB Event

For our next dance we’ve invited Darryn Jones to play alongside Mendel. Darryn grew up in the heydays of Chicago clubculture, when disco birthed house music. Influenced by his family’s music collection of funk, jazz and blues and by house pioneers like Hot Mix 5, Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy, Darryn started dj’ing in the mid 80s and has been passionately searching for those records ever since. Whether in his edits or dj sets, you’ll hear the Chicago heritage through his raw style of underground disco, modern soul and boogie.

‣ Simple food and snacks are available till 21:30 on the ground floor

‣ If you have a stadspas or can’t afford the tickets at the regular price, please get in touch via


CIRANDA aims to be a safe and loving space for all. Harassment or discrimination in any form is not welcome in our house. In the words of one of our first guest DJs Ruby Savage, "don't be a creep".

If you feel unwell or experience unwelcome behaviour on or around the dance floor, please let someone from the CIRANDA production team or a member of staff know.

Please take care of each other. If you notice someone behaving in a harassing or discriminatory manner and you feel safe enough to do so, speak up. Otherwise, please let someone from the CIRANDA production team or a member of staff know.

Harassers, discriminators or overly rowdy people will be asked to leave.

Please check your privilege and be conscious of the space you are taking up.

Please leave your phone in your locker. The beauty of this moment is here and now.





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